Your school’s field trip experience to Egg Song Farm located at Holly Farm can be customized to fit your age appropriate curriculum needs. The standard visit is 90 minutes and includes 25 minutes at each station listed below, with an additional 15 minutes at the end of your tour to enjoy hot chocolate or a popsicle! Optional activities to extend your farm visit are listed to the left and we can accommodate your special requests! Contact FarmHER Holly with questions and to inquire about pricing details. We look forward to seeing you at Egg Song Farm!


Farm Animal Tour

Take a tour of the animal farm and meet the alpacas, llama, sheep, goats, and chickens at Egg Song Farm! Your tour includes an age-appropriate lesson and the opportunity to interact with our four-legged friends up close! Explore our edible “chicken garden” and find out what we do with all of our animal poo and food waste in the Garbology Center.



Learn all about mealworm farming with an immersive sensory experience and an age-appropriate lesson about the insect life cycle! Did you know that mealworms can eat styrofoam and turn it into fertilizer for your garden?! You’ll also have a chance to get your hands dirty while exploring our red wriggler composting bin and find out all about vermicomposting at Egg Song Farm!



Visit with the happy hens at Egg Song Farm and learn all about chickens! You’ll get to hand-feed treats to the flock and see how a hen lays an egg! We hatch new chicks for our flock year-round, so you’ll even get to observe our incubator and/or hold baby chicks. Your students will love collecting farm fresh eggs straight from the nesting box.

Ask about adding on a chicken art project to your visit!

For more information contact:


Farmer & Owner of Egg Song Farm